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BENZING - Tradition and Competitive Edge for over 100 years

Independent clockmaker Friedrich Benzing in Villingen, Southern Germany has been making decorative clocks since 1863. Some time around 1890 his grandson Friedrich Ernst Jakob started to build clocks for the pigeon sport and in doing so encouraged pigeon racing to spread all around the world. For decades these mechanical clocks, of the best-possible quality, were manufactured and constantly adapted to the needs of pigeon fanciers.

In 1996 the Austrian company GANTNER ELECTRONIC GmbH acquired the pigeon clocking business from BENZING and proceeded to develop an electronic pigeon timing system with the product name atis TOP.

With this new development, BENZING was able to further extend its market leadership and has since been considered a pioneer in the area of electronic pigeon timing. And with the new BENZING M1 and BENZING Express G2 product generation, BENZING has yet again reaffirmed its unique position in this field.

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