Benzing Australia

The Future of Pigeon Sport is Online!

The new BENZING Live! starts the future of pigeon sports. For the first time, all the data of the clocked pigeons
can be queried immediately on the website The results are available immediately and
can be queried from anywhere in the world. With BENZING Live!, pigeon fanciers can follow the arrival times
of their own pigeons live and compare them with the data of other fanciers’ pigeons anywhere in the world.
BENZING Live! keeps the traditions of pigeon sport alive, but revolutionises the technology.


  • Live Transmission of the Arrival Data
  • Results Can Be Queried From Anywhere
  • in the World
  • Perfect Support
  • Highest Manipulation Protection
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Online Backup
  • No contract


  • 1x DB9(F) für die Verbindung der Antennen
  • 1x DB9(M) für die Verbindung der Uhr
  • 1x SIM Karten Slot
  • 1x SMA Buchse für den Anschluss der GPS Antenne
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