Chip Rings

The chip rings of BENZING are produced with state of the art technology and therefore guarantee highest performance. Every chip ring is individually tested to achieve the well known BENZING quality.

BENZING Pro Chip Rings

The new 256-Bit ChipvRing from BENZING

The new BENZING Pro chip code ring is the further development of our successful BR chip code ring. Based on the new HITAG-S Chip from Philips we can provide now an even faster and secure scanning of the pigeon. This is achieved through a higher reading range and faster data communication. This chip was specially designed by Philips for the needs of pigeon sports. The patented manipulation protection guarantees the writing of a unique secret code into the memory at every basketing. Also here we can provide the 3 colours (red, green and blue) to mark different pigeons (for example old or young).


• Specially designed from Philips for the pigeon sports

• Highest Read/Writer Range

• Fast and high performance

• Featherweight

• Available in 3 colours

Product Art.No.
BENZING Pro Chipring, blue 562379
BENZING Pro Chipring, green 562480
BENZING Pro Chipring, red 562581

BR Rings

Sold million times - the most successful chip code ring from BENZING

The BR chip code ring is one of the fastest and most powerful chip code rings on the market. Patented manipulation protection, additional memory for important fancier data and an extensive read/write range add up to the ideal chip ring for your BENZING system. BENZING is the only company that offers chip code rings in three colours: It is therefore rather easy to designate a different colour code to different groups of pigeons (for example old or young, male or female pigeons).


• Wide Range

• Fast and high performance

• Featerweight

• In 3 colours available

Product Art.No.
Chip Code Ring BR, blue 833014
Chip Code Ring BR, green 447318
Chip Code Ring BR, red 833115
Chip Code Ring NPO, blue 229985
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